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We offer a range of equipment and technology to help you live independently in your home. This includes:


A picture of Andi hub

Andi hub

Andi keeps you safe with preventative care

Digital, round the clock telecare that:

  • Helps in an emergency.
  • Protects your independence.
  • Stays with you, even if your needs change.

Andi calls for help in an emergency.
Andi calls the alarm receiving centre so you can communicate with an operator to get help if you’re in trouble.

Andi keeps you connected and online.
Andi connects to the internet via SIM, Ethernet and Wi-Fi and Andi switches between these to find the strongest connection.

Andi connects to sensors you know and love.
Andi can connect to any sensor type, this means you can keep using the sensors you have today and use Andi in the future, even if your needs change.

Andi keeps you safe with preventative care.
Andi spots small but significant changes which may indicate you are starting to get sick so you can get help earlier.

Andi is cost effective. 
As part of the Gold Package, users will receive an Andi Hub, one standard Lifeline pendant, two PIR sensors which monitor heat light and movement with 24/7 alarm response from our local team.

Download our Andi leaflet

A picture of Lifeline Alarm and pendant(s)

Lifeline Alarm and pendant(s)

This equipment enables you to get in touch for help if you need it.

The lifeline is linked to our 24/7 locally based monitoring centre. This is connected to your home's existing phone line and can make sure 24/7 assistance is a button press away. It also receives signals from telecare sensors located around the house. The unit can be used to raise an alarm call by pressing the red button or from within the home or garden by pressing the pendant.
Models may vary in look.

Emergency button: Pressing the button on the pendant sends an alert to a monitoring center, connecting you with a live operator who can dispatch help.

Two-way communication: Speak directly with the operator through the pendant speaker and microphone to explain your situation and get assistance.

Waterproof and long-lasting battery: Pendants are typically waterproof and have long-lasting batteries (up to several years) to ensure they are always functional.

Multiple contacts: You can program multiple emergency contacts to be notified in case of an alert.

There are also optional features, please contact us for more information.

A picture of Telealarm TA74

Telealarm TA74

Stay Safe, Stay Independent

Live worry-free with the Telealarm TA74, your personal safety companion.

Get help instantly:

  • Press the button or use a wireless transmitter to trigger an emergency call.
  • Connect with professional help via an alarm center or reach loved ones on private phones.
  • No single point of failure - the TA74 automatically tries backup contacts if the first call doesn't connect.

More than just emergencies:

  • Monitor activity levels for peace of mind, knowing help is available if needed.
  • Stay secure with intrusion and motion detection, plus environmental protection from smoke, gas, and floods.
  • Set vocal reminders to ensure medication adherence or appointments are never missed.

Live confidently with the TA74, knowing help is just a button press away.

If you would like to apply for any of the packages above or additional equipment listed below, please use the Lifeline application form attached, and return using the teams email address

Additional equipment available


A picture of SMILE FALL fall detection sensor

SMILE FALL fall detection sensor

SMILE FALL fall detection sensor

A fall detection sensor can be an important part of a care system, providing greater security and independence to the user, facilitating the work of caregivers and family members.

SMILE FALL is a small wristband alarm trigger that monitors people at risk of falling by detecting falls and automatically reporting them. Target users are, among others, older people, users with Parkinson’s disease and people with impaired mobility.

How does it work? 

Smile Fall is developed to detect hard falls in situations where the user cannot press the button after the fall 

  • Slipping and falling backward
  • Falling due to loss of consciousness
  • Tripping on an object and falling forward 

Soft falls with impact limited by hindering object or by the user catching themselves, will not detected by the smile fall. However the user can always send the alarm manually. 

A picture of Oysta Rio

Oysta Rio

Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) ensuring they are safe at home, and safe away from home.

The Oysta Rio supports Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) ensuring they are safe at home, and safe away from home.

This device can be carried in a pocket, on a keyring, or on a lanyard and does not require a Wi-Fi connection to work. It has an SOS button, that, when pressed will notify a chosen contact in the care circle or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

It also includes a separate button! This button can be worn by the VIP or placed anywhere in the house where the individual may be at higher risk. If one button is not enough, the device can be paired with up to 5 buttons to meet the VIP's needs.

The Oysta Rio connects to our care platform, IntelliCare™, so the care circle will be able to set safety parameters, locate VIPs and if needed, direct them home or direct help to their location.

It provides peace of mind to VIPs that they can remain independent and safe even outside, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.

A picture of Carer pagers (Possum)

Carer pagers (Possum)

We can provide a portable pager to receive alerts from our range of sensors for onsite carers

Carer Pager: This discreet and convenient device provides peace of mind by alerting someone you live with when you need assistance, offering an additional layer of support within your home. Important note: This pager does not replace your 24/7 monitoring service and cannot directly contact them.

Key Features: Personalized assistance: Receive help quickly from a familiar face you trust who lives with you.

Clear alerts: The pager displays the type of sensor triggered, along with either the sensor's location or the name of the person it's associated with, ensuring the person responding knows exactly what kind of help is needed.

Discreet and portable: Wear the pager comfortably on a lanyard or clip it to your clothing for easy access.

Enhanced peace of mind: Knowing help is readily available within your home can provide added comfort and independence.


A picture of New Paper Thin Falls Prevention Mat (suitable for profiling beds)

New Paper Thin Falls Prevention Mat (suitable for profiling beds)

Unlike most commonly used falls detecting mats, the Paper Thin mat uses capacitive sensing technology rather than their weight.

The Paper Thin mat can be used on beds as well as chairs to detect occupancy. It is easy to fit- it is placed underneath the bed sheet and attached to the mattress with the strong adhesive tape (which is positioned on the reverse of the mat). It is compatible with profiling beds, standard beds or any chair or seats. The Paper Thin can be cut to size and positioned to provide the best level of protection and comfort for the user and is durable and wipe clean that has waterproof properties.

A picture of PIR Movement or inactivity sensors

PIR Movement or inactivity sensors

Placed in key positions around the house, these sensors detect movement, or lack of movement.

They can be programmed to specific timeframes and can include the users daily routine. If normal activity isn’t recorded, the team will receive an alert which can be passed on to family members or relatives.

A picture of New “Jelly Bean” big button pendant

New “Jelly Bean” big button pendant

The wireless and easy to press Jellybean can be mounted anywhere in a property or onto a wheelchair using one of our mounts.

It is often fixed to the side of bath or shower, also used as a bogus caller alert by the front door. The Jellybean can be programmed to mean a variety of different things and is available in a range of colours, which can be programmed to prompt different actions when pressed.

A picture of Property exit / door open sensors

Property exit / door open sensors

Our door sensors monitor activity or movement when exiting a building or door.

As 40% of people with dementia are prone to wandering, we can also provide a sensor which specifically monitors for activity, or send an alert when someone leaves a building at various times of the day or night. It can also detect if a main exit door has been left open.

A picture of Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors

Like normal smoke detectors, the alarm will detect smoke and fire.

However it will also alert our 24/7 locally based monitoring centre so our operators can speak with the resident and assess the risk before contacting the Emergency Services. This is particularly useful for people with hearing impairments, limited mobility and concerns around memory loss. Smoke Detectors should be ceiling mounted in hallways, living rooms or bedrooms, they are not suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. 

A picture of Carbon Monoxide detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors

Similar to the smoke detectors, this detects levels of carbon monoxide in the home.

Carbon Monoxide can come from cookers, gas fires, boilers, central heating systems and any other appliances which use gas.  Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be wall mounted above door height in rooms that contain a fuel burning appliance. Do not fit in bathrooms, directly above cookers or in draughty areas. If a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected a local alarm will sound and an alarm call will be transmitted to the monitoring centre.

A picture of Pill dispensers

Pill dispensers

The Pill Dispenser will sound an alarm when it is time for the user to take their medication.

If the pills are not taken from the dispenser within a preset period an alarm call will be transmitted. The Pill Dispenser will make the correct dosage available at the correct time each day whilst keeping the others locked out of sight. Pills "ready" and pills "taken" times are also transmitted and logged.

A picture of Epilepsy sensors

Epilepsy sensors

The Epilepsy Monitor bed sensor pads should be positioned under the mattress to detect arm and leg movements.

If a Tonic Clonic seizure is detected in the bed an alarm call is transmitted. Placed between the mattress and sheet, this sensor provides immediate warning on detection of moisture, allowing effective action to be taken. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting dignity and independence.

A picture of Key safes

Key safes

Key safes can be useful to allow access to a property to someone trusted in a safe and reliable way.

The small box has a combination lock on it to allow a spare set of keys to be stored.


Please take a look at our full list of equipment and pricelist. If you need more information, please use the form below.

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