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Described below are the 3 key levels of Care provided

Gold level

Embrace the pinnacle of connectivity with our Gold Lifeline package.

This alarm is the best at keeping you connected, it is highly resilient and connects to devices that you might already have at home such as smart home technology and wearable devices like blood pressure monitors.

These devices indicate when something isn’t right which can help us, or your family and carers to proactively help you before an emergency or crisis, keeping you safe and healthy.

As part of the Gold Package, users will receive an Andi Hub, one standard Lifeline pendant, two PIR sensors which monitor heat light and movement with 24/7 alarm response from our local team. Find out more about the Andi Hub or visit our price list.

Call our team on 03007900603 or email us at

Silver level

This is a digital device that offers the same basic functionality as the Bronze option, but it can also call us in an emergency over the mobile telephone network. This device will continue to work, even if there is a power cut to your home.

This is a digital device which is a like-for-like replacement of an analogue alarm. This alarm device will connect to the router when your home is upgraded to a digital line and will not need a traditional telephone jack point in the wall.

If you choose this option, it is essential to accept that the alarm will not work if your router cannot access the network, or your property loses mains power.

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